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Re: Borderline Trek Film

Hey all!

It's been an exciting week for us! We finally started our crowd sourcing campaign and raised all the money we originally asked for in a little under a week! We were totally floored by it, since we thought it would take the entire 47 day run for us to even get close -- so now we're trying for a higher goal to add a little more production value to our film.

I know that a lot of you are unable to use crowd sourcing to fund your various endeavors because of the legalities of using Star Trek and other copyrighted properties, but if there if this is even a possibility -- like say with something like Polaris -- I say go for it!

Anyway, I thought I'd share our campaign with you guys that haven't seen it. This is some of the first real footage from my puppet movie that we've been able to release, even if it won't ultimately appear in the final film.



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