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Re: Curzon's death

Amazing that without fail when SFdebris posts a new review a thread is started on a similar topic.

Though here are the three contradictory statements.

In Let He Without Sin, Arandis says Curzon died by jamaharon.

In Emissary he's shown on an Operating table giving the symbioant to Jadzia

In Blood Oath Jadzia describes thes Curzon being in a hospital yelling and screaming at family and doctors.

Emissary I can write off as actually not the way it happened being it was an Orb vision. Curzon was stated to have disapproved of Jadzia so a vision of him apparently being approving of her and passing the symbionant personally would make sense.

Arandis... let's face it, the Risians are as subtle as a hammer to the forehead. She was probably talking up the whole thing for poetic effect. As close as it came was Curzon probably took one last vacation to Risa when he was known to be dying.

So he likely did in fact die on a hospital bed as Jadzia describes to Kang.
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