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Re: They are going ahead with a Justice League movie

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Ant-Man, from what I understand, is a wife-beating, sexist complete and total jackass.
Pym had one instance of hitting Jan, and that was while he was suffering a nervous breakdown. And the one slap, at least the severity of it, wasn't even in the original script. The artist took a little license with the script, and there wasn't time to change the art before publishing. Pym has been one of my favorite characters since the end of Secret Invasion, with his portrayals in Mighty Avengers and Avengers Academy.

Jim Shooter said--
In that story (issue 213, I think), there is a scene in which Hank is supposed to have accidentally struck Jan while throwing his hands up in despair and frustration—making a sort of “get away from me” gesture while not looking at her. Bob Hall, who had been taught by John Buscema to always go for the most extreme action, turned that into a right cross! There was no time to have it redrawn, which, to this day has caused the tragic story of Hank Pym to be known as the “wife-beater” story.
Now, the current Ant-Man, he's a sexist idiot.
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