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does quark wear eyeshadow?

Why does Quark have so much purple around his eyes? Is that natural pigmentation, or does he wear eyeshadow?

I can't think of any other ferengi (except maybe his mom, kinda) in star trek history having this trait.

Sure maybe ferengi males customarily wear make up or something, but we've never seen that before (to my recollection), so it's likely just natural.

I'm sure the reason is that he is supposed to be the shady character of the show, so the creators wanted to give him a typical shady criminal trait... But still, it's so weird that he's the only ferengi ever with this trait. Ishka has it too, to a lesser extent. She IS quark's mother... but is it make-up or is it in the genes? I don't think the other ferengi women we see have it.

Any in-universe explanations? This is clearly a very pressing issue and MUST be explained thoroughly.
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