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Re: Did Insurrection kill the TNG franchise?

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The first two seasons of Enteprise being so bad is what killed the Star Trek franchise.
I still maintain they would have kept heaps more viewers with another opening theme. Lots of people who tuned out did so for that single reason... I'm just thinking of some people I know, Trek fans who did.
Wow. That really surprises me, that some Star Trek fans stopped watching Enterprise solely because of the show's theme music. I was indifferent to the series due to the writing, especially in the first couple of seasons. But I'm stunned that fans of the franchise, with no other complaints about the series, stopped tuning in only because of a minute of music at the beginning of each episode. I'll take your word for it that they exist. Still. WOW.

Regarding Insurrection, I agree that the plot and execution had problems. It especially showed instances of distorted focus on Picard and Data, but that was far worse in Nemesis, in my opinion. It was blatantly obvious that Stewart and Spiner had major hands in script creation/revision, to the great detriment of the movie. Nemesis just left me with a far worse taste in my mouth than the merely-bland Insurrection did.
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