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Re: They are going ahead with a Justice League movie

And movies usually have bit higher standard when it comes to SoD. Superhero movies struggle with this but in recent years have gotten away with it pretty well and good. One of the reasons why I fear an "Ant-Man" movie is because I don't know how they're going to suspend the disbelief enough to make such a concept work in both the minds of the audience and in the more natural/realistic MCU. An alien we think is a Norse God? Sure, we can go with it. A man with a technological suit? You bet! A WW2 super solider (who's strictly no stronger nor physically capable than the max of what a human can so), works. The Hulk is stretchiest bit but cab mostly "work" since The Hulk is so main-stream "A-List" of the Marvel Characters.

But a guy who can will himself to shrink down to subatomic sizes? That's a bit more than I think I can roll with.

Batman Begins went a long way to try and to establish how Batman "could work" in a realistic world and other than accepting the fact that Wayne can pull his stunts off without getting killed, captured, or eventually leaving enough forensic evidence behind to get caught is waved away because of how well the movie establishes him and what he can do.

Superman easily does it too with a hand wave, "Fuck it! He's an alien!" Wonder Woman is a goddess (or demi-goddess) and Aquaman is something of a "god" as well. (Comics have him stronger and more capable since he's from the bottom of the ocean so his ability to survive down there translates to great power on the surface.)

Something being "realistic" doesn't mean "fits in exactly with reality" it's more "how well we make you believe this is real."
Just because it's futuristic doesn't mean it's practical.
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