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I think it's quite possible that the Old Kingdom Egyptians were "black," but it also doesn't make a damned bit of difference so I don't think about it much.
Let's not go there. Don't make this an issue about racial prejudice, the point is whether newtype_alpha's opinion that "Khafra was black" -stated (twice) as if were a self evident fact for all the world to see- is indeed, a fact. It is not.

But your point about Lower Egypt is well taken, we're not talking central Africa, or for that matter, central Asia or central Europe here. Lower Egypt is one of many "border regions" around the world where people from many racial and ethnic groups have always mingled, and so one would expect a more diverse population than one would find in the more central continental areas.

So whether Qin Shi Huang was or wasn't a Mongolian is beside the point.

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