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Re: Has the Blood & Chrome miniseries aired yet?

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SyFy is a business that wants to make money. They do not exist to provide a public service of high quality space opera at a net loss.
Well then tell me, how many sci fi shows has PBS offered? Dr Who? I happen to be a fan of hard science fiction and there are precious few examples of that, one in particular was "Defying Gravity", it is interesting seeing how they write science fiction shows that don't have planet of the week episodes. Mostly Defying Gravity was a soap opera set aboard a spaceship, and only had one planetary landing episode and lots of flashbacks. the walk on Venus was very believable.
There's not much of a market for it, and the public does not want it. (Those mean the same thing, basically.)
Kind of shows you how much of a science education they got as children. How many people bought into Space 1999 in the 1970s for instance? You know how much science is in that one? Zilch! As a kid who didn't know about such things like the speed of light, momentum and inertia, the show was fun, for a 20 something watching the show, he probably would have had to have had a very bad science education to suspend his disbelief about it. I mean, year and explosion of a nuclear waste dump on the Moon causes it to be hurled out of orbit into "Planet of the Week" adventures. Even Star Trek was harder science fiction than that, the existence of a warp drive at least acknowledges that there is a speed of light barrier to get around, as far as Space 1999 was concerned there was no speed of light limit.
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