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Re: Generations deleted scenes

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Somebody's Captain Kirk pj's got all bunched up in this thread.

I know, why can't you enjoy yourself on this thread? It's been very entertaining, finding who the realists are and the who the apologists and the lengths people will go to get themselves proven right even when it's not possible. I've really enjoyed finding out who's who here!

Hey, you know what? Your 'intrests' are almost exactly the same as the new poster who posted right before you! Maybe you two can be friends! Seeing as how you both attacked me in a row after I've seen this thread actually turn really constructive the past few pages.
You do seem to take the thread a bit more seriously than warranted.
I take it seriously but am having a good time debating this stuff. If I say I saw a rough cut of TWOK--you can be damn sure I'm telling the truth, not just blowing smoke or mis-remembering.

I don't have to concede that I believe the OP any more than he has to admit he might be mistaken--which he hasn't. In fact, he bet his 'VERY LIFE' on it!

Now that's taking it serious!
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