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Re: Did Insurrection kill the TNG franchise?

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The first two seasons of Enteprise being so bad is what killed the Star Trek franchise.
I still maintain they would have kept heaps more viewers with another opening theme. Lots of people who tuned out did so for that single reason... I'm just thinking of some people I know, Trek fans who did.

It's sad because I think near Enterprises' end, they were making some of the best Trek ever.

Insurrection was the only time I really feel TNG let me down. I can't say that it's aged well, either. That fountain of youth bullshit was just impossible to choke down. It simply seemed so phoney.... like I get it why they wanted to do something lighthearted after the moodiness of Generations and darkness of First Contact.
But the story was so dry on Insurrection, I would have preferred nearly anything else. Seriously. I would have watched LaForce delegate a scrub of the power conduits or something for 2 hours than watch Picard and Data embarrass themselves singing show tunes and placating the So'na.

I think I might prefer Nemesis to Insurrection. As poorly as it was executed, I could get into the Shinzon bits and it mattered more to me.
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