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Re: There's no one like Kubrick

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Robert Wise did historical drama, disaster, musical, horror, thriller, war, science fiction, and crime. I can't think of a comedy off hand.
Briefly perusing his filmography, I don't think he ever did a comedy. Unless you count Star! (heh).

As for Spielberg, I can't say I really care either for Jurassic Park or Schindler's List. One is a rather rote blockbuster elevated by its visual effects, a good cast, and a great John Williams score. The other is shameless Oscar-bait that's filled with sentimentalism and fails to dramatize the most interesting (and least heroic) aspects of Schindler's character. Jaws, Raiders of the Lost Ark, and Close Encounters of the Third Kind remain as his three best movies. I suppose I like E.T. quite a lot, too.
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