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Re: TWOK What If--Khan wins

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His intellect far surpasses that of any average human, because he's genetically engineered. This has been stated numerous times throughout both Space Seed and TWOK.
So if I just stated numerous times that I was super awesome, you'd just take my word for it? Nice!

The fact of the matter is that Khan commandeered a starship, worked out how to use it, and then held his own against another starship with a formidable commander and bridge crew.
He did non of the above.

He didn't commandeer anything. He used his magic slugs to brainwash the two ranking officers into handing over the keys.

How did you know he worked out how to use it? Did you see this happen? Didn't think so. For all you know, he spent three days playing the "What's this do?" game with the a fore mentioned brainwashed officers.

Or he could have just picked up the users' manual, Starships for Dummies, and followed along the starhip new users tour as the talking paperclip showed him how to fire torpedoes.

There's nothing extraordinary about what he did.

There was also nothing formidable about his opposing commander. He ignored the rule book (not to mention common sense, history, and a junior officer) and uncharacteristically put himself in that position. Had the real Kirk shown up, Khan would have been neutralized before he got the chance to swing around Uranus.

In one of the deleted scenes, restored for the DE, Kirk says to McCoy that the only reason they escaped the intial Reliant attack was because "I (Kirk) knew something about starships that he (Khan) didn't".
What Kirk really meant was, "The writers gave me the hat and the rabbit, and still Spock had to show me how to get one from the other."

In fact, that "something" [prefix code] is such an assign idea, its existence is only more proof of how stupidly Khan acted. If Startfleet was stupid enough to put such a security hole in their ships, they'd be stupid enough to file it under Starship Security in a Nutshell.

The first rule of seizure tactics it to fully secure the asset. It's been this way since pretty much the dawn of time. If Khan was really as smart as people claim he was, he would have know this and gone over EVERYTHING to find potential security leaks. the prefix codes would have stuck out like a swore thumb.

If it took him a day or so to accustom himself to a starship, the odds are that he would have eventually worked out the basic principles needed to reverse engineer the Genesis device.
Total false equivalency.
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