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Re: Where should Stargate go now?

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The first thing I would do is get rid of all the Medieval villages.
There you go!


I liked the idea of exploring another galaxy, and seeing beautiful wonders, and meeting new civilizations/fighting new enemies, so the Atlantis idea worked best for me. Where would I have Stargate go? Reboot Atlantis, and really DO it this time.

So much of that series was half-baked. Had they actually done world building, better defined characters outside of a couple of favorites, really built better defined cultures (like the Athosians), had us really learn more about the Ancients, really built up and defined enemies (see the Genii and Wraith...), explored the city for real, and really explored the galaxy more, all with good drama, action, some comedy, and great lore, then the series would have been EPIC!!

Even with missing out on its full potential, though, the half-baked iteration of Stargate is the best from my view, then SG-1, and well, SGU had too many problems for me...
MA'AM. Hot damn, I can dig it.

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