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Re: Cleaning the dust out of a loptop?

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Warranties are highly overrated, and I couldn't detest more laptop manufacturers that make things impossibly difficult by forcing you to disassemble the laptop so you can clean it from dust (which is bound to happen at some point - and some laptops get dirty faster than others - which also depends in how dusty area one lives).

On the flip side of things, 'really really wanting to open it' doesn't hold ground.
A laptop can easily overheat due to dust clogging the air-vents (especially if you do cpu intensive tasks or even play some games - both of which will produce higher temperatures by default - you don't want dust clogging the vents in such a case).

Alternatively, you could look for some help in your area from people who are more experienced in laptop dis-assembly.
And if your warranty isn't up, then you might as well take it to the shop where you got it and ask them to do it for you.

Other than that, look into your dis-assembly guide and follow instructions carefully.

There is another option you might try though - but I wouldn't recommend it.
Get compressed air can, press it to the air vent and push in the air.
But this could easily push the dust deep into the laptop (and you don't want that).
The compressed air would actually be a good first option.

There is a path and multiple vents for airflow and he could try it from both directions.

As long as you see dust coming out, you know you're on the right track and if you see a temperature drop you should be OK.
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