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Re: Avengers 2 News, Rumors, Etc. Pictures until release...

Sadly no plans for a sequel to TIH with Ruffalo for Phase Two. He did sign a deal, like all the others, for a multi-picture deal. I've read it's either a 5 or 6 picture deal, both have been reported. Perhaps some already include Avengers as one, that's why the report 5?

So we can expect more Banner and or Hulk with Ruffalo somewhere other than Avengers 2&3. Perhaps Phase Three will include a TIH2. If his Hulk gains anymore positive traction like it did for Avengers I have to think he'll get that solo shot.

My early thoughts on Phase Three are:
  1. Captain America 3
  2. Thor 3
  3. TIH2
  4. Marvel Unknown 1
  5. Marvel Unknown 2
  6. Avengers 3

If they stick to 6 films anyway and still leaves follow ups for Iron Man 4, GotG 2 and Ant-Man 2 on the table. Not all of which would get a sequel(assuming the latter 2 are box office worthy) if Phase Three adheres to the 6 films template. Sam Jackson(and his 9 picture deal) has mentioned he wants a SHIELD movie, does that happen now that the TV show is happening or is just a Nick Fury movie now? Many still do want Hawkeye & Black Widow solo films. BW got enough backstory in Avengers that seed ideas for a solo film. Plus no new franchises and we've been told Daredevil is coming back mid-October, Fox officially loses the rights. And how much longer will Punisher & Blade stay on the shelf? Probably a bit cause they still have Iron Fist, Black Panther, Dr. Strange, Moon Knight and others that are viable and haven't yet had a shot. Sorry, I'm straying now I think.
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