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Re: Are there too many "convenient" planets or scenarios to beam down

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In the Star Trek universe

By this I`m saying, too many Class Ms, virtually 99% of landing parties did so minus Space or Environmental Suits to protect them.

Off the top of my head I can only recall suits being worn in The Naked Time and The Tholian Web (no doubt someone will correct me), and it got me thinking that some situations could have been more interesting with oxygen supplies, or lack of them, as a hindrance.

They did have those mask things, briefly, in The Squire of Gothos I believe.

Just a thought for your discussion.

There was the Season 3 episode "Whom Gods Destroy" which took place on planet Elba Two, which was not Class M.

Here are screencaps courtesy of trekcore. It shows 2 criminally insane members wearing environment suits (which were also used in "The Tholian Web") dragging the green Orion woman, Marta, out to her death on the planet's surface (outside the protective domes), per Criminal Leader Garth's instructions. Garth blew her up before she had time to choke to death and he forced Captain Kirk to watch.

Courtesy of website:
Captain's Log, stardate 5718.3. The Enterprise is orbiting Elba Two, a planet with a poisonous atmosphere where the Federation maintains an asylum for the few remaining incorrigible criminally insane of the galaxy. We are bringing a revolutionary new medicine to them, a medicine with which the Federation hopes to eliminate mental illness for all time. I am transporting down with Mister Spock, and we're delivering the medicine to Doctor Donald Cory, the governor of the colony.

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