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Nemesis Trailers - A Brief Analysis

The discussion in the ongoing Generations deleted scenes thread touched on the appearance of the Nemesis deleted scenes in the trailers for that film, I wanted to comment a bit further on that but thought it would be best to start a new thread rather than take the other thread off topic.

I never realised till recently that both trailers are on the Nemesis Blu-ray in full HD (perhaps this is the same for all the films? I don't have them to hand). Watching them back, there are some interesting clips in them of some deleted or alternate scenes:

The well known deleted scene of Worf talking to Picard after the briefing where he recommends "extreme caution". Compare this to the scene as featured in the deleted scenes section:

Obviously the FX were done for this scene at some point, but its hard to say if it was for the whole scene or just the snippet from the trailer. I like the slight warm blue colour tint that this clip and others in the trailer have, its better than the slightly washed out grey look the final film has.

This is interesting, the scene on Kolarus III but without the stupid filter from the finished film.

And again, I think it looks better this way to be honest. These are from the first trailer, the Kolarus clips in the second trailer have the filter applied to them.

This weird shot caught my attention as it's been mirrored, although they have digitally moved the com badge to the correct place! The rank pips are still on the wrong side though and Patrick Stewart just looks strange.

The most interesting shot (to me anyway) is this one from the second trailer. The Enterprise in drydock as seen at the end of the film, except it doesn't have any damage or workbees swarming about. Perhaps they didn't want to spoil the fact that the E-E would be damaged in the film, but why go to the effect of rendering this shot when they could have just not included it at all?

That's it for now, bit of a pointless ramble I suppose, just wanted to get it off my chest.
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