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Re: Where should Stargate go now?

If written badly, definitely.

I think if you made the stations seem very large (through CGI) and gave some of them some impressive and novel aspects, you might mitigate some of the visual limitations. SGU's Destiny and the seed ship I think failed in that regard. The ships didn't look impressive, they looked cramped, even though they were supposedly huge and advanced. The ship should've been more like a world unto itself, requiring major explorations and discoveries.

Even Atlantis, though technically huge, seemed fairly small. The external shots of Atlantis were impressive, kind of like looking at a super-Manhattan, but the place seemed to be a two-story gate room, a couple medical rooms, a cafeteria, and some halls and hotel rooms with a balcony. In none of the sets (except perhaps the gate-ship hangar) do you get the sense of wonder and awe you'd have walking into a domed sports arena or a really big multi-story mall. Air Force hangar scenes on the show (which weren't infrequent), conveyed a better feeling of large spaces than any of the supposedly huge space ships.

I'm thinking that when they gate onto a new station they either:

Run into the occupying aliens upon stepping out of the gate, kicking off some action because they've just boarded a ship without permission,

Find the gate room neglected, go out, and see that the ship is filled with ..... scary monster things - a thriving society - slaves - false gods - tiny ufos - virtual constructs - robots

Find the ship completely empty except for bodies, ghosts, or dust, all with a story to uncover.

Find nothing interesting on the station itself, except a blinking warning about something important on the nearby planet.

I think it could be done, but the type of stories might have to shift a bit.
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