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A new movie about the greatest movie ever

The theatrical biopic HITCHCOCK, which specifically revolves around the making of PSYCHO, is being released several months earlier than expected. Now it's scheduled for late November. It's based on a non-fiction book written by Stephen Rebello, who I spoke with on Tom Snyder's radio show during the 1990s.

HITCHCOCK stars Anthony Hopkins in the title role. The first pics of him have the body-size down right, but facially he doesn't resemble Hitchcock----or even himself. Spooky.

Lesser known actors will portray Martin Balsam and John Gavin, who co-starred in the 1960 film. Jessica Biel, who was her usual boring self in the garbage-dump TOTAL RECALL remake, will play the somewhat less boring Vera Miles, who played the film's surviving sister. Even Hitchcock was unenthusiastic when casting Gavin and Miles, but Miles is far less listless than Biel. Oh, well.

Here are the kickers: Helen Mirren will play Mrs. Hitchcock.....Michael Wincott, who usually a psycho in movies anyway, will play Ed Gein, the real-life murderer whom Norman Bates is lifted from, and Scarlett Johannsen herself will star as Janet Leigh.

I met Leigh at a 2000 Virginia convention. Also there was her PSYCHO co-star Patricia Hitchcock. I never talked to her. In retrospect that was one of the dumbest decisions I ever made celebrity-wise. (Neither Patricia nor Simon Oakland are expected to be portrayed in the new film either.) Still, opening the movie in November should increase its Oscar chances. Many recent Oscar winners got the trophy for playing real people, including other actors.

All I can say is.....

''Oh, YEAH.''

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