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Re: Why TNG will never surpass TOS

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Yeah right, whenever somebody says the truth they're a troll. What I'm sayin' is pretty damn obvious. Why then the slouching back to TOS with the 2009 Abrams movie??? Why the half-assed attempt to get back to basics? I'll tell ya why. Because the liberals in Hollywood and paramount went too far with the cerebral unisex longjohns HS, that's why. You got women acting so uptight they seen frigid and men scared to death to look at any woman in a sexually suggestive way for risk of offending their human dignity. What liberal hypersensitive HS. You sure didn't have that hypersensitive politically correct BS overshadowing the production of TOS back in the 1960s. That is why TOS will always be better. But that's the way paramount wanted it. Who told them to put TOS out to pasture with Undiscovered Country? Nobody. Who told them to knock off Kirk in Generations? Nobody. Now Shatner is too old and fat to play Kirk. I'm open-minded. Put some 30-ish actors in front of some spiffy ipanels and have them act like men and I'll buy it....and some space babes with enough basic intelligence to keep their mouths shut while the men handle things and I'll buy that too. This hyper-progressive Aldous Huxley crap just ain't gonna work anymore...but you can't tell paramount that. They'll blow another 200 million on a 2nd Abrams movie before they'll learn. p.s. I'm a troll for sayin' all this, right?
Right. But I'm confused. Are you implying that it was HS, or BS, or both, and how do they differ?
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