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Re: IDW to publish post-Nemesis TNG Borg story, possibly Destiny

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I must admit that I find your disinterest in the Borg a bit off putting since you wrote a pretty good Borg-centric novel.
But it wasn't really Borg-centric. The Borg per se had a fairly small presence in the book and were mostly a catalyst for events. It was more about ex-drones and how they were adapting (so to speak) to life after the Collective, and about the SF concept of the cluster entity, and especially about the developing arc of the TNG crew and the character-level aftermath of the events of previous books. Plus I threw in some stuff that filled in some of the gaps in what we know about the Borg, since I knew that would be my only chance to address those subjects.

That being said, I think the Borg work best in small doses and in a way precisely for some of the reasons you said. They are a force of nature. And I like seeing our heroes deal with something that unstoppable. A lot about the Trek characters is/can be revealed in every encounter they have with a foe like the Borg.
I don't know, I just don't see the need to return to the same well. If you've done one story about your heroes surviving a hurricane, you don't need to do another. You find a different insurmountable challenge to pit them against.

As for the Borg themselves I still find them pretty cool. I like the aesthetic.
Interesting. That's probably the part I hate the most. Even when it first appeared in 1987, I found it a laughably antiquated and crude portrayal of cyborgs. And by modern standards it's even more naive. We're already at the point where bionic implants or enhancements can be much smaller and sleeker than anything the Borg had stuck on them, and at the beginning of research to develop technology built out of organic cells and tissues, not to mention nanotechnology. Heck, it's increasingly starting to look as if nanotech and biotech are convergent fields -- eventually they'll be indistinguishable. A cyborg race wouldn't have to look human, but it wouldn't look like two separate things, flesh and machinery, randomly stuck together.

I like how the species is composed of some many other species, all adding their knowledge and skills to the whole of the collective. The anti-Federation Federation aspect of the Borg still makes them an interesting adversary.
It might if they were more personified, but they aren't even a race or a civilization. They're a cancer that can talk.

And I've never bought that whole "adding distinctiveness" line. They systematically strip their victims of everything that makes them distinctive, forcing everyone into a homogeneous mass that conforms to their preprogrammed priorities and imperatives. I'd call it hypocrisy if I didn't think that was overly anthropomorphic.
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