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Re: My first voyage with Voyager

The shuttle crashed on a moon and a crewman died. Tuvok tried to help him, but alas the un-named man died (anyone surprised?). Tuvok encounters children who live on the moon (they too crash-landed and apparently all of the adults died). When Tuvok told the children that he could help them they all ran up to him and gave him a hug…I loved Tuvok’s expression here!

There are two parts to this episode: Tuvok on the planet with the kids who appear to be scared of the Boogey Man and Janeway who is meeting with a new civilization; the Drayans. It was very amusing to watch Tuvok baby-sit these children…I believe he even showed emotion or lack of emotion (patience)! The kids hear a ship and get scared when it comes close. They tell Tuvok that it is their people coming to hurt them. Tuvok hides in the forest with the small fries, and they explain that their people brought them to this moon so the “Boogey Man” could take them away. That night two of the children disappeared. Tuvok briefly initiates contact with Janeway and she decides to bring another shuttle to the moon without the Drayan’s approval. Tuvok is able to get his shuttle craft off of the moon, but they are fired upon by the Drayans. The Drayans, Tuvok, and Janeway all meet on the planet and it is revealed that the Drayans aging process is the exact opposite of those on Voyager. The “Child” is actually 94. Tressa is comforted by Tuvok who acts like her guardian. It was a really touching moment when the two of them share her death experience together.

Favorite part: We actually get to see some emotion from Tuvok!! I enjoyed hearing him interact with the little people. We even get a feel for how much he misses his own children. This was a nice piece for Tuvok and his character’s development. The episode also gives insight into the Vulcan’s culture.

Least favorite part: No Neelix and no Doctor
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