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Re: They are going ahead with a Justice League movie

Even if that's true, it still has nothing to do with Superfriends. It's invalid to suggest that the market for the television show was determined by the market for the comics. Different media have different target audiences -- that's the whole point of doing different media adaptations of a franchise, to expose it to new audiences. So the target demographics for one interpretation can be completely different from those for another one. That's why today we have comics that have gotten profoundly adult-oriented to the point that they're thoroughly inappropriate for children, while at the same time their animated adaptations are quite child-directed. The divide between comics and animation wouldn't have been nearly so extreme in the '70s, but there were still clear differences in what audiences they were targeting. Each one was an independent creation with its own demographic and economic considerations independently shaping its choices. Therefore, it is wrong to say that the target age group of the comics had any bearing whatsoever on the target age group of the show. The target age group of any Saturday morning animated show of the '70s would've been children even if it had been based on something strictly for adults.
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