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Re: Going into a movie blind

I don't like going into movies cold - I'm always distracted by wishing I had a sweater.

Hey, thanks, really, I'll be here all night!

I never see a movie without checking Metacritic or, when that's not possible, skimming through a few reviews at least, though I'm very careful to avoid as much as possible about movies I know I want to see. I don't think I was sure that Gwyneth was in Avengers, for instance, and I didn't know that Judi Dench was in the new Jane Eyre. (I did accidentally learn of the big cameo in X-Men: First Class, which pissed me off, though it hardly ruined the movie, and at least there was the other cameo to enjoy.) Apart from the director, stars, and plot era, I knew next to nothing about the story of Atonement, which I frickin' loved. It could conceivably be neat to see a movie I know I hadn't seen before totally blind, but I'd have to really trust the selecter's judgment.

... Anyhow, I was once (long ago) stuck in a house with next to nothing to do, and pretty much the only VHS (whose box was an awards consideration packaging, thus revealing almost nothing) was this:

Happily, it turned out to be a darn good movie. And a rather the sexy one, too! Alas, the unrated cut, with a bit more nudity and a great minute-long coda, is not on dvd. Or blu! Which makes me blue. A semi-blue movie likes this deserves better. 'Cause it doesn't blow.

... I'll show myself out now.
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