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Re: General Pro Wrestling News and Discussion Thread Part Deux!

Wade Barrett is dull as hell. I'm sorry, but the guy is just so wooden and bland on the microphone. The "Barrett Barrage" thing makes absolutely no sense and sounds ridiculous, coming from a guy who sounds about as intimidating as an English teacher. Obviously, Barrett is a tough guy (he really was a bare-knuckle boxer), but WWE is failing miserably trying to characterise him as such.

Barrett has started using a forearm smash as a finisher. This can't be very reassuring for Chris "Kassius Ohno" Hero, who utilises a rolling elbow as a finisher (which is said to KO - hence the gimmick). WWE has a tendency to see such things as being "too similar", which would surely render Ohno's gimmick null and void. After all, that would mean four men on the main roster who use an arm strike as a finisher (Ohno along with Big Show, Wade Barrett and Santino). Barrett's original finisher - "The Wasteland", was awful. I have absolutely no idea whether it was his idea to use it as a finisher, or whether WWE commanded him to do so. For those of you unfamiliar with the history of the move, it's commonly used in Lucha-Libre to position an opponent for a diving aerial move, such as a moonsault.

The best way to book Barrett, in my opinion, would be to pair him with an old style mouthpiece. Barrett seldom needs to cut promos, he just needs to get in the ring and demolish his opponents, whilst his cowardly and big-mouthed manager celebrates on the outside. Think Heyman/Lesnar in 2002, people wanted Heyman to get his ass kicked and despised Lesnar even more, when he got in the way of Heyman receiving a good old beating. Have Barrett go over, and I mean REALLY go over (in the way that Khali went over Taker at Judgement Day 2006) the likes of Randy Orton, Sheamus and other big names.

Barrett could really do with toning back on the hammy content, although that's not really his fault since WWE heavily scripts his promos (it's only the really top names that have a decent amount of control over what they say).

See this all stems back to the end of 2010. Ever since WWE royally fucked up the Nexus angle, the members of the original Nexus (with the exception of Daniel Bryan, since his association with the group was "quicker than a hiccup" - to borrow a phrase from JR) have had varying levels of success, but it's clear that none of them have risen to the top of the card.

Wade Barrett: Former IC champ, had a series of filler feuds and never got off the ground in the feud with Randy Orton which was meant to elevate him. Arm injury killed whatever momentum he had left, necessitating a re-packaging following his return earlier this month.

David Otunga: Following the cowardly, obnoxious heel tradition. Had a couple of tag title reigns and showed no personality during any of those. Association with John Laurinaitis has been beneficial, but it's still hard to take him seriously as a competitor, although he could have a very bright future as an authority figure/occasional wrestler, like Vince McMahon or Eric Bischoff.

Skip Sheffield: Long-term recovery following an injury, meant the end for the cowboy. Re-debuted under the moniker "Ryback" and has thus far remained undefeated. Has a good chance since he ticks all Vince McMahon's boxes and has gotten over, surprisingly (there has not been much love for musclehead bruisers in the last few years as Nathan Jones, Luther Reigns, Heidenreich and Mike Knox each learned).

Michael Tarver: Released before he really had a chance to make an impression.

Darren Young: Floundered in NXT oblivion for a year, made the transition to the main roster a couple of months back alongside Titus O'Neil in a pretty tedious (and somewhat exploitative) tag team. Has the chance to succeed, should WWE continue to care about the Prime Time Players.

Justin Gabriel: One of the most popular members of the original Nexus. Drew comparisons to the likes of Rob Van Dam, AJ Styles and Evan Bourne. Floundered on NXT following three tag team title reigns with Heath Slater.

Heath Slater: Currently the WWE's most prolific jobber. Scored a massive victory over Chris Jericho when NXT Season 1 was still in effect and was percieved to have a very bright future ahead of him. Stock declined following a wellness violation and his new gimmick as the "one man rock band" isn't exactly a career maker.
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