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Re: My first voyage with Voyager


The opener starts with Wildman helping Neelix in the kitchen and she goes into labor. Kes and the Doc help her deliver the baby. Wildman is having difficulties in her birth and I am thinking they are going to do a cesarean, but how silly of me, of course they will beam the baby out. (Wouldn’t it just be easier to deliver all babies that way? Why torture women with child birth if it safe to transport babies out?) The Viidian show up on VOY’s censors just as Wildman has her baby.

There is a brief spacial rift because of the plasma rift and there is an alternate reality that occurs. The ship is attacked by the Viidians, The Doc is swamped because the baby is sick, and there is an influx of injured passengers coming in because of the attack. The crew keeps trying to fix the problems, but they are occurring faster than the crew can make repairs. Kim is sucked into space, and B’Elanna reports him as dead. ((Too bad)) When Kes was going to help she disappears into a spacial rift, and there are over 600 fractures in the hull. Things look pretty bad and even worse when Tuvok announces that the baby died. Then the events change and everything is fine.

Wildman’s baby is just fine, but she did have the baby during the time when Janeway had her visions. Kes seems to be able to go back and forth between the two different versions of the VOY. There is a shift throughout the episode from one VOY scene to the other. The two VOY’s eventually figure out how to contact one another. The two Janeways decide to meet (the cut Janeway received on her face in one reality really helped to tell them apart; good planning)! It was so funny to listen to the two of them argue against each other!

The Vidiians infiltrate the Voyager and begin stealing organs and make a dash to get the new baby! Janeway sends Kim to get the baby and bring it to the second Voyager and the infiltrated VOY has set the self-destruct…BOOM!! The Vidiian ship and the VOY have been destroyed….So which VOY was destroyed? This episode confused me a little…too much jumping back and forth!!

Favorite part: Janeway arguing with herself.

Least favorite part: There was too much jumping around. While it was fun to see Janeway argue it against herself it was also confusing. It was a very sci-fi-ish episode with dual realities and the mixing of the two realities, but I just didn’t care for this episode as much. I wonder how the people on the safe VOY felt when there alternate selves died. Were they happy because it would have been too confusing to understand and live with a second them, or were they deeply saddened by the loss of themselves?
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