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Re: Question: how many TMP era stories?

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Other post-TMP TOS material which has some connection to the Pocket Lit-verse includes:

Untold Voyages
Home is the Hunter
Ice Trap
Shell Game
Death Count
The Wounded Sky
The Rihannsu Saga
Doctor's Orders
Spock's World
Rules of Engagement
Deep Domain
The New Earth/Challenger Series
The Pandora Principle
Dwellers in the Crucible
Strangers From the Sky
Alot of the covers for these are confusing as hell. Doctors Orders had McCoy in his TV show shirt.
Time for Yesterday has Spock in a Blue Wrath of Kahn movie jacket- ive only seen red ones.
Adobe of Life they had movie outfits on
Black Fire is post series i think because they talk about refitting the bridge with all new GREY consoles instead of the colored ones.

The TOS books even sometimes show TOS outfits and the movie starship Enterprise refit, or some other goofy combination. They used to confused me so much because of the covers as a child. Since i had only watched TOS movies I wanted Movie era books. I still want movie era books because theres not much in that time period. Everyone wants to cram every misstion into those first 5 years. Im pretty sure its not possible for Kirk and co to HAVE that many missions in the allotted time of 5 years. I mean it took months for spock to take the USS Enterprise back to get Kirk away from his Indian wife! He was decideding what to do to defelect that asteroid for months and there are over 100 missions in books that take place there, plus all the ones in the TV shows. So divide all that math and u can see. Not enought time. I dont even have to try to come up with the proper numbers to get an accurate answer of the average time of each mission in those first 5 years.
If u included the TV shows and missions of just the first 3 it would be even worse!

So that to me are the reasons why i like movie era books better! Plus the uniforms are cooler, and the ships look neater, and since its movie era it seems more important in my head!
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