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Re: Star Trek: Of Gods and Men

Yet more pointless splitting hairs over official/fan/independent films? Can anyone honestly answer what difference does the label make? Outside of one's perception of how things "should" be? As if they get to decide?

Since this is on the future of Trek board, people really need to open up to the concept that sure CBS owns rights to Trek, but they're not doing anything with it and likely won't. The majority of the TV audiences would rather watch Survivor.

Paramount seems ready to milk the JJverse for all it's worth, so we might be able to look forward to a film every 3 or 4 years assuming interest doesn't wane, but the fact of the matter is unless something drastic happens to create interest in the franchise as a whole, the future of the franchise as it stands is going to be in the novels and the fan productions. If you worship at the altar of canon, which by all accounts is as inconsistent as any religion, you're in for disapointment.

To the above post, no this isn't exactly a sequel. It likely won't even tie in to the previous movie save that Chekov and Tuvok are in it. Though I suppose it's possible this "new threat" is somehow related. Though being they're secretly assembling a crew, I'd have to imagine that the threat is somehow an internal problem being "they will be hunted down as outlaws." But who knows?
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