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Re: Generations deleted scenes

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I too remember reading about this scene in the UK Star Trek magazine. Wasn't it a fan letter to the editors mentioning they had seen this scene at the cinema?
I saw Generations at the cinema in Ireland but I don't remember seeing this scene at all. That's not to say it wasn't there but seems like something I would have noticed when it didn't show up on VHS.
Well, I did have time the other day to look after all, and I looked at the letters page and Fistfull of Data feature for issues 10-30 (it's review if you can call it that was around issue 10) and see no mention of it at all.

The only mention of the movie release on VHS on the letters page was a reply to numerous complaints that it didn't come with collectors coins that had been suggested in an earlier mention.

So if it was in a magazine, I don't think it was Star Trek Monthly. Starburst perhaps?
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