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Re: Where should Stargate go now?

No, I'd like to economize on the budget, which is why I much earlier suggested the fundamental change of putting the gates on a class of standardized orbital stations instead of planets (getting rid of a ton of location shoots and reusing the sets over and over, which is why Babylong 5 was set on a space station).

But whereas Babylon 5 took place on the same station, and ship-based shows like Star Trek take place on the same ship, the idea here would be that you're reusing the same ship or station set, but not the same ship or station in the storyline, so the cast is immediately thrown into the action, encountering the aliens shortly after setting foot through the stargate without using a new location shoot every time.

Instead of building a different looking village (expensive), the planet is represented by its inhabitants (or occupiers) on the station, along with diplays of data about the planet (remote camera views, satellite views, history plots, etc). That's would just take cheap conventional computer graphics and stock footage.

If the briefing room scene is replaced by a similar mechanism that takes place on the stations, where they arrive and pull up the standardized computer displays, you eliminate most of the extras required to make the SGC look fully staffed and operational in every episode.

It also avoids SGU's issue with physically visiting planet after planet (back to location shoots) and having to fill the ship with every character who might be needed at some point, which is basically carrying all the SGC staff with you, and having to show most of them somewhere in every episode because they're on the ship and have nowhere else to go. That means all your recurring characters (and a bunch of barely used extras) have to show up for filming on most episodes.

If the orbital station story arcs involve lots of gate-to-gate-to-gate jump routes, you don't even have to return to the SGC for most episodes, so those cast members don't have to keep getting called in. Many of the stations could even be unoccupied (with the story centered around a technical problem with the station or planet, or an odd piece of history or technology stored on board), but you still can have access to the SGC, aliens on the stations, and a planet full of aliens if a storyline requires it.

I'm hoping this would reduce the constant baseline episode cost (every episode had to have much of the SGC or SGU-Desitny cast) and recurring location shoot cost.
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