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Re: Resident Evil: Retribution. Bit shallow, even by this series stand

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I'd watch any kind of movie with Milla Jovovitch in it, and have, good and bad. (Right now, some wise-ass out there is asking "What GOOD movie has she ever been in?" It's a matter of perspective...)
The Messenger (Joan of Arc movie) and Fifth Element. Sorry, couldn't resist, even though I know the quesiton was rhetorical.
That's okay. I just said that cause I'm used to being in the minority opinion when it comes to liking her films.

The Messenger was good, but there was a TV miniseries version that starred Leelee Sobieski that was just a little bit better. And while I liked Leeloo I couldn't fully enjoy Fifth Element because I spent half the film wanting to shoot Chris Tucker in the head. Meanwhile, I thought Ultraviolet and The Fourth Kind were great films.
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