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Re: Survivor 25: Phillipines Discussion Thread

I can't believe how stupid Zane acted, everyone was annoyed by Russel and wanted to get rid of him, so naturally he does everything to convince the others to vote for him and thinks that this is a brilliant plan?
What makes it worse that even after he put himself up for elimination the others made it pretty obvious they wanted to keep him, so what does he do?

Blond girl: Uh Zane, I know you said it's all your fault, but I actually think it's Russel's fault, so I think he should go home.
Zane (thinking): Oh my god, my plan works, I'm genius but I have to make sure she doesn't change her mind about Russel!
Zane: No blond girl, vote for me, Zane. That's Z, A, N, E, it's all my fault, I suck, I'm bad at running.
BG: But Russel ...
Zane: No, ME! Everyone has to vote for me! And I'm pretty sure he has immunity anyway.

*Everyone votes for Zane*

Zane: Fuck

What I didn't get is why they didn't vote for Russel anyway. It was obvious Russel would vote for Zane so if everyone else voted for Russel they had nothing to lose.

Russel has no immunity idol: He goes
Russel has an immunity idol but doesn't play it: He goes
Russel has an immunity idol and plays it: Zane goes, Russels stays but lost his immunity idol

I guess Zane fighting for votes kinda makes sense if he thought Russel had found the immunity idol. Make him think he's safe so that he doesn't play it, *bam* he goes home. The only problem is that he didn't tell his team mates about it, if this was his plan.
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