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Re: They are going ahead with a Justice League movie

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I would hope we could get away from the "realistic" version of things and truely enjoy our superfriends and their amazing abilities to the full. Let Marvel make the real, give us the legendary.
But the point is that there's a story issue here, as we've been discussing -- making the heroes too powerful is weak storytelling because it makes it too easy for them to save the day, or makes it inconsistent when they fail to fix a problem as easily as they should be able to. I'm not saying they should take a more credible approach for its own sake, but because it's a handy solution to that storytelling problem: it gives you ready-made limits that you can impose on the characters and thereby make it more credible that they're facing real challenges, and more interesting as a story because they have to be creative to solve their problems rather than just, say, repairing the Great Wall of China by throwing a stern glare at it.

Too many people think that science and credibility are a straitjacket to storytelling. In my career I've always found them to be just the opposite -- a source of new solutions and new possibilities, a foundation that lets you build higher.

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If you know, then why did you make such an incorrect statement in the first place?
Because it is a correct statement. The JLA was a comic targeted for children. I know, because as a child in the 1960s I read the JLA comic. There were elements that teens and adults might get, but the core audience was intended to be children. Yes,Marvel and later DC began to increase those elements but even in the early 70s the idea that kids were the primary audience was still prevalent.
But that still isn't a fair comparison, because it gives the grossly incorrect impression that Superfriends at the time was written at anywhere near the same level as the Justice League comics at the time. They were worlds apart. Even the "kid-oriented" comics of the '50s and '60s weren't as dumbed-down, superficial, and sanitized of violence as Superfriends was. At least in the comics, the characters actually had secret identities and lives outside of their hero roles. At least in the comics they had some semblance of actual personality. At least in the comics they were competently drawn. There is just no comparison between the crap that was Superfriends and the comics it was based on, regardless of the age of the target audience.
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