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Re: Survivor 25: Phillipines Discussion Thread

I really enjoyed the premier, talk about a beautiful location - those opening shots of the Philippines were stunning.

Redneck tattoo kid really made several huge mistakes, definitely deserved to go. He makes an alliance with everyone and then tells someone that he made alliances with everyone and then basically puts his own head on the chopping block in some backwards ass stupid plan he hatched. Idiot.

Russell sure came off as a fool, who says they don't want to be the leader and then goes ahead and start barking orders at people? Funny that Mike is the only guy to recognize Tootie's friend, and I loved it when the girl figured out it was Jeff Kent and then started asking him questions while looking at him with an "are you fucking kidding me?" look.

My early favorites is that alliance between the young studly guy and the older woman, both seem pretty smart.
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