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Don't know if anyone mentioned it, but when Lucille Ball was presented with the title STAR TREK as head of Desilu, she thought it was going to be a show following around celebrities... and she liked THAT idea for a show. She was ahead of her time, as now a good percentage of TV is 'entertainment/celebrity' news.
That's not quite right. According to Inside Star Trek p. 22, what Ball thought was that Star Trek was going to be a work of historical fiction about the USO performers who'd entertained American troops in the South Pacific during WWII. In her realm of experience, the only thing a "star trek" could be was an overseas journey made by movie stars, and to her that suggested the USO.
I think the story is related slightly differently in the video Inside Star Trek, based on that book. I have posted the whole documentary on YouTube, as RM10475. I don't have access to YouTube here at work, but feel free to check it out.
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