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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

Yesterday was a big day for purchases.

DC Titles...
Birds of Prey #0
Catwoman #0
Green Lantern: New Guardians #0
Justice League #0
Supergirl #0
Wonder Woman #0

Non DC Titles...
Irresistible #2
Irresistible #3
Star Trek #13
The Shadow #5

I was surprised to see that Irresistible #3 was out already. I didn't even know that #2 had come out. Fortunately I was able to get a copy. Looks like the comic shops got more copies in, so Trekker, if you're still interested, you might be able to get some back issues of both this and Comic Con Girl. They still go fast though. I got the last copy of #3. I think this series is the highlight of the week. They really kicked up the racy sexual content big time in both the writing and the art, and the story itself is compelling with events that have consequences.

I also got around to reading the first issue of something I picked up last year... The Beauty #1.

It's about a modern world like our own, but where a sexually transitted disease has infected half the population. This "disease" however seems to have mostly positive effects. It causes the infected to become better looking and fitter, but with a slight fever (not enough to affect their day to day living though). Most people want it, and it's only one sexual encounter away. However, some groups out there see it as a danger and lash out with terrorist attacks. One day, a woman dies on the subway due to internal combustion. It's thought to be another terrorist attack on the Beauty and its carriers, but it seems that she died of "natural" causes. Could the Beauty be responsible? Our team of cops, which includes an attractive young woman who has been infected, are on the case.

Top Cow put out this one issue as part of their Pilot Season. It could have been a one off isue and I read it thinking that it was, but found out that it got enough votes to make it to series. Read about the news here. And you can also read the entire first issue online here.

Okay, back to DC Comics... I can't wait to get to the other #0 issues. Most of the ones I've read so far have been pretty good. I especially enjoyed the Batman origin stuff.
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