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Re: The Revolution pilot is online now...

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The pilot was breathtakingly dumb.

I modestly enjoyed it, however. It was a somewhat diverting way to spend an hour. And I always have a weakness for science fiction, dystopian literature, and fantasy.

If the show succeeds, it may do so on the basis of the young adult, Twilight-oriented demographic. But, I doubt it will succeed, because that demo is female led, and young girls are so herd-oriented that they require an initial mass to tell them what to like. That's a tall order for a network television drama.

For the middle aged men - note how jacked the mysterious love interest for Charlie, "Nate" is. For that matter, look at Charlie's brother - he's almost bursting from his henley. As recently as the 90's, an ideal young girl was Charlie like, but an ideal young man was not a ripped muscle-man.

This is a new phenomenon. Young women in 2012 are becoming almost as superficial as young men and demand well built young men. This is why guys in their teens, twenties, and thirties now have to pray before the gym gods to have a chance with young women.
i basically enjoyed the show for what it was, light escapism for an hour. But i was entertained.
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