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I thoroughly enjoyed Generations.

Consider it's original concept though where the thought was to find a means to have the TOS crew and the TNG crew in conflict which each other. I understand that idea was ultimately rejected because 1. ship v ship, it would be no contest and 2. one of the crews would end up being portrayed as the bad guys or at least in the wrong.

Then it was decided to have a story where the crews work together in the plot. So we end up with Kirk and Picard working together to fight the anagonist and we get to see them get to know each other. Plus, in the battle, neither Picard or Kirk seemed to be in charge of the other but working together as equals. I loved that scene. Plus in the movie, Kirk died twice saving, not one, but two Enterprise crews. As we saw in the scene before the Nexus came, Picard fails without Kirk. Sure Kirk's final moments of death weren't glorious but his final hour was and Kirk was able to die knowing the battle was over and he made a difference. Many soldier's don't get that in the battlefield.

As to the original question for this thread, i'm glad Janeway wasn't killed in the end. Eden's sacrifice made more sense and seems to be what the character was designed to ultimately do and the Janeway fanatics would have gotten more militant about how their hero was resurrected just so the franchise could kill her again.
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