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Re: Lying on a resume?

I say don't let him do it, for most of the reasons people have been citing here.

Out here, my resume is very different than the one I had back home when I worked at the university. The Hollywood resume is much more concise; people don't care what you're able to do per se - they just want to see, typically that you know how to use Word and that you've worked on a few shows. Seriously. This is why anybody --and I mean anybody-- can land a job in Hollywood and make it.

This is also why it's so damn important in the biz that people like you -- references on resumes are all the more important -- is he easy to be around? Is he punctual? Will he annoy me, or is he cool? Things like this are valued much more than education or qualification, at least in specific arm of the industry.

Everything else they need to know about you, they find out in your interview or via your reference. And if they like you on that first meeting (or its their boss recommending you), you get the job.

As for your friend - I'm in complete agreement with Timby -- while it may have the benefit of getting him this job now, your friend needs to seriously consider the likelihood that the company would drop him if they were ever called out on his resume.

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