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Going into a movie blind

Has anyone ever gone to see a movie without having seen anything about it beforehand? I'm including trailers as well. I realize, these days, it's very difficult to avoid publicity for a movie and, if you do, it's hard to imagine why you'd see it. But I'm wondering if a movie is better when you have no preconceptions about it.

I did this once. My friends asked me if I wanted to see District 9, which I somehow hadn't seen anything about. I knew it was a Peter Jackson film and that it had received good word of mouth reviews, but I literally hadn't seen a trailer and didn't even know it was about aliens.

Was it a better experience? Obviously, I can't compare my experience to one who had seen the trailer first since I only know what I experienced. It was different. I felt I was exploring for the first few minutes to figure out what was going on. Luckily, the movie establishes the background pretty quickly (aliens), so I wasn't left confused. I figure movies that take too long to get to the point might not feel the same way (a lot of superhero movies with origin stories can fall into this category).
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