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Re: Why the lack of personal protection?

Actually, the rocket boots are proof, both of sufficient miniaturization of power sources and of inertial control to make some sort of battle armor perfectly feasible.
Agreed. The question now becomes, does the technology make battle armor unnecessary at a stroke, too?

If inertia manipulation really is so easy, then any kinetic attack would be futile - or alternately the technology would make the attack unstoppable, by giving the incoming projectile the kinetic energy of a small moon at 99% lightspeed. Perhaps there is no point in a rat race, then (because it would never stop at a level allowing for wearable armor, but would immediately escalate to floating main battle tanks and beyond), and dabbling with kinetics is left for weirdoes like Chu'lak, while serious soldiers concentrate on forcefields and the various kinds of phase disruptors that can penetrate them.

That particular forcefield did everything you'd need it to do and more, the only limiting factor was the amount of time it could stay on. If you expand that communicator's power cell into a unit the size of, say, a wearable vest with field emitters integrated throughout, you could probably maintain that field for a good twenty minutes or so.
Here we face the odd issue of forcefields never being up as a default, though. There seems to be little reason for starships to fly with shields down, yet they always leave the raising of shields to the very last moment. Perhaps the power required to maintain a shield is not constant or even linear with time, then, but suffers from an effect that makes it imperative that shields be kept down for as long as possible?

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