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Worf and data got short-changed for the most part in TNG's movies. While in the end they got to help save the day, far too often they were used as failed attempts at humor, cheapening both characters, who had been written prior to the films as complex characters with rich histories. Much of that was pissed away in the films.
While I agree with you on Worf, I think Data did get far more screen time. Now we can debate whether his screen time amounted to much character development or not. I think Data was mostly used for comic relief in Generations, which made sense in a way due to his issues with the emotion chip. I thought Data's best outing was First Contact when he was seduced by the Borg Queen. His character regressed in Insurrection, but there was some fumbling attempts at character development in Nemesis, ending with his big sacrifice. So I think Data got a lot more screen time. I think they were trying to make Picard and Data the new Kirk and Spock, with very mixed results.

Worf's best outing was First Contact. He wasn't much of a factor in Generations (except for comic relief) or Nemesis. He also had some comical scenes in Insurrection, along with most of the crew.

As for the Change of Heart rationale for not giving Worf command. I think that's something that could be easily overturned or forgotten. For one, it was Sisko's opinion or recommendation. Picard, arguably, a bigger Starfleet figure might disagree, and I'm guessing that Riker, another notable Starfleet officer would as well. Who's to say that Sisko didn't change his mind-or it could be written to say that he did.

Plus, denying Starfleet's best known Klingon officer the captain's chair wouldn't sit well with the Klingons, especially since Worf is in the House of the Klingon Chancellor.

Beyond that Worf has redeemed himself multiple times, during the Dominion War. Plus he spent time as an ambassador. He's skilled in war, politics, and diplomacy.

It likely wouldn't matter for a TV show, but Trek Lit. has already started eroding the Change of Heart decision, by making Worf a first officer, putting him back on the command track.

As for picking another character like Ezri over Worf. While I get the idea of a fresh breath of air, I just don't think that Ezri was as popular as Worf. I don't think she has the ties to TOS, TNG, and DS9 that Worf had. Heck, even the House of Duras was on ENT, which somewhat ties him to that show too. His character has such a rich history and is a far more compelling character than Ezri. I don't want to knock Ezri, but she didn't get a lot of development since she came on the scene so late. I do think Trek Lit. has done a good job with her as captain. I was skeptical at first, but I think they've pulled it off. However I don't see how you can build a show around her. Worf is a far more recognizable face for the Trek brand.
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