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Re: iOS 6 released

Been going fine for 12 hours.
- Maps is not as good as Google's version. While I hardly ever used the original it was good to have street view there. Rumours of Google making a stand alone app for iOS better have an alternative for Flash as it won't run on iOS otherwise...
- Battery seems to discharge a little faster. Not worried, I usually charge it at the end of every night.
- No need to sign in for every update from the App Store. Thumbs up there.
- Do Not Disturb: OK I guess. Doubt I'd use it much.
- Shared Photo Stream: Disabled.
- Ability to put core iOS apps into a folder: Brilliant! I barely used half of them.

Seems good to keep. Got 10.7.5 today as well. Other than knackering Gatekeeper out of the box I can't see anything majorly different to 10.7.4.
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