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Re: THE HOBBIT (2012/2013): News, Rumors, Pics Till Release

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He rewarded himself with King Kong, a mere vanity project... now he has a huge vanity project that will take up three films. Sadly, it could be an awesome movie... uh, movies, but -let's not forget, it's strictly a vanity project every bit as much as Kong was, or every bit as much as Superman Returns was for Bryan Singer. Vanity projects almost never age well, and often stand out as odd eggs on otherwise decent director resumes.
All films age, and most the vast majority don't age well.

And here is something people judge vanity projects and say oh this or that didn't work (when in fact you can actually do that to pretty much every film in creation, as is there anything in the motion Picture universe where every aspect of a film production is done without error or the possibility of someone else not doing some aspects better.

If Singer had done Superman Returns without having his love of the Donnor films, you do understand that the film Superman Returns could have been a much worse film.

In King Kong, out of his mainstream films, his two date two dream based projects King Kong and LoTR have far better critical reception then his other modern project.

We have several examples of films (superman films) Kong Films that are dramatically worse. If those people didn't have the love for the project just think instead of being hampered by that love, they might have turned out far worse material.

You and me don't know that, nor can we state with any authority whatsoever that those projects are worse due to the film makers really wanting to do them, as opposed to another project that they just might take for the job.
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