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Re: The Newsroom.

I really liked this show, though since I adore Sorkin, that was practically a no brainer. I particularly enjoyed the way they went after the Tea Party with actual facts and held people accountable for things they actually said, but then later contradicted. It reminded me a lot of John Stewart and the daily show.

I also really liked that they set it back a year or two so they could play off events that have already happened, rather than trying to invent new events to cover. Much like the lack luster comedy aspects of Studio 60 were largely part of the reason the show failed (depending on who you ask), having to rely on made up news events could have really hurt them.

On the other hand, the West Wing did just fine with inventing fictitious events to play off of, so maybe it was just the comedy aspect that held things up. Truth be told, I never thought the comedy aspects of the fake show Studio 60 was putting on was all that important. I was much more interested in the character interactions, but then I'm getting off track. This is about Newsroom, not Studio 60.

I want more and look forward to season 2.
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