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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for Ardra. She was just a con artist, but the frightened Ventaxians of 2367 didn't know that at first.
B is for Ben Finney. Man can that guy hold a grudge.
C is for Christopher, Captain John. His son was the first man to travel to Saturn.
D is for Decker. He had the hots for a Deltan.
E is for Eymorg. They had a thing for brain and brain...what is brain?
F is for Flotter and his moronic friend Trevis. What a tremendous waste of videotape
G is for Gowron. He had big ass eyes in a Klingon wasteland.
H is for Harcourt. Harcourt Fenton Mudd. Ruler of an entire sovereign planet!
I is for Intrepid. It's destruction caused a disturbance in the force.
J is for Jenolen. The newly retired Montgomery Scott hopped a ride on it to head to a retirement colony...until they ran into a colossal Death Star golf ball thingy and crashed into it.
K is for Kang, Koloth and Kor. Those guys are kickass.
L is for Love. Shahna of the Drill Thralls wanted Kirk to teach her about it.
M is for Miramanee. I'd bet she was really a surfer chick.
N is for Natira. McCoy fell in love with her. The Oracle just loved abusing her.
O, then, is for Oracle, which fries people's brains if they think the wrong thing, because it's that sort of insane control that made Yonada great!
P is for Porthos. The first dog to pee on another world
Q is for Qapla, and another successful entry
R is for Romulan ale. Sometimes it's legal. Sometimes it's not.
S is for Saratoga, Benjamin Sisko's posting along with his wife and son at the time of the Battle of Wolf 359.
T is for Trelane, possibly Q.
U is for Uthat. Tox Uthat. The time-traveling Vorgons wanted it.
V is for Vorta Vor. A name in Romulan mythology.
X is for Xindi. There were once six different species of them, but by the time of first contact with Earth humans only five were left.
Y is for Yankee Trader. Just don't ask Data.
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