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Have to go back a couple of weeks...

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I went to Fan Expo Canada last weekend; worked as a volunteer actually, so I didn't get much time to kick back and enjoy the con. I did, however, manage to squeeze in one photo op:

What a lovely couple. But which one are you?


I just realized (after looking at your avatar) the woman was Gillian Anderson. Nice!
I met her when I was in Atlanta for Dragon*Con. I was standing in her autograph line, and someone came over and asked me who I was in line for. (There are a lot of lines at Dragon*Con, and by far, the most common phrase spoken all weekend is "What is this line for?") I told him it was for Gillian Anderson, and he said, "But she's not here, is she?" He hadn't recognized her with blonde hair.

(Admittedly, it's been a few years since The X-Files was on the air, and it's quite different. Looks good on her, though.)

Edited to add a picture of me from Dragon*Con - this was about two and a half weeks ago:

The only other picture that I know I was in was actually taken by a complete stranger. I was wandering around the Marriott lobby in costume one night, and someone stopped me and asked to have a picture taken with me. It's a nightly occurrence during the con - you can easily stay up all night just checking out people in costume - but it's the first time I'd done it.

So if anyone happens to run across a picture online of me wearing a khaki Dharma jumpsuit, give me a shout - I'd like to get a copy.

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