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The subject of the "race" of the ancient Egyptians remains debated a lot.
Only in the context of old Judeo-Christian views of race, extruded through three hundred years of hardcore eurocentrism. Two practices which 1) glossed over dozens of distinct sub-groups and language families in favor of the theory that Africans in general were part of a single, inferior race and 2) considered Arab culture to be at least redeemable, if only it could be sufficiently "civilized". The desire to imagine the ancient Egyptians as having ALWAYS been closely related to Arabs is taken as proof that semitic peoples have always been capable of wonderful things and could be so again with the right leadership; they couldn't have been black, of course, because if any of the negroid races were capable of anything like that, maybe they still ARE? The first point is now outmoded, since there is no coherent political reason to affirm the god-given subservient nature of black people. The second, however, soldiers on, having evolved from the need to "Christianize" the heathen Arabs into the 21st century imperative to "Spread freedom and democracy" in the Muslim lands (spreading freedom and democracy in Africa is on the bottom of most people's priority list because... well, it's Africa, who the hell cares?).

Let's be perfectly clear about this: to the extent that any distinct "race" of human beings could be identified at all, there are phenotypical traits associated with specific regions on the planet, sub-groups that have more in common with one another than they do with anyone else (or did, originally, before historical forces tossed the genetic salad that is human biodiversity). I'm not saying that Cephren was a Bantu-speaking Zulu warlord or something, I'm saying it's safe to assume that an individual living in Pre-conquest Egypt would probably have physical features similar to other ethic groups in the same contiguous region.

That I should even have to SAY this a bit silly. It's like someone asking me to prove that Qin Shi Huang wasn't a Mongolian.

ETA: of course, this IS an "Ancient Aliens" thread, so it's a lot more likely that someone's going to suggest that Shi Huang was an alien.
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