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Re: Just read The Final Reflection

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The best Trek novel thus far, bar none.
Yes. And the only Trek novel I've ever seen that would stand as a good science fiction novel, even without Star Trek. Most Star Trek novels would appeal only to Star Trek fans. This is an epic "alien cultures" meet story, that works even if you were not a Star Trek fan.

Which is kind of funny, because:

RPJOB wrote:
very different from what is usually portrayed in Trek and yet still true to the TOS version of the Klingons.
It's unbelievably faithful to TOS. Ford really knew his Trek. He took every scrap of reference to Klingons in any episode, and found a way to use it to build the Klingon culture. Great example: Mara makes a comment from Day of the Dove, that they need either to expand or die. Ford extrapolates that into the "khomerex/khesterex" thing. That sounds minor, but it informs the whole book; and there are other examples.

Ford even used a character from TAS! That's a measure of how deeply immersed in Trek lore he got, for this book.

RPJOB wrote:
the best portrayal of an alien race ever in Trek lit.
Among the best portrayals of the Federation too, the diplomatic side of it.

30 years later, this remains one of my all-time favorite books.
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