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Well it was unequivocally stated that because Worf betrayed a mission to save his wife, his career was basically dead and he wouldn't get a command. So this renegade thing might make sense... assuming it all isn't just fan rumor.
Thank you.

I've made this point before on another forum but excuses came about how that was Sisko's opinion, blah blah blah. His career was pretty much over, yet another reason why him becoming Ambassador made sense, but thanks to the continuity destroyer that was NEM we now have the fact he is back in uniform with no excuse.

I also do have to agree there has been far too much Worf on screen. Try someone else. Say maybe Ezri Dax? It's been 13 years since DS9 finished, so set the series in 2388, which would give her a very reasonable amount of time to reach the rank of Captain. Have her on her first command, with a brand new crew, a mission of peaceful exploration, and an eleven year old, half-human daughter to look after.

Just a thought.
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